Etcher Review And Guide

Wouldn’t it be nice if we all have our files in one single flash drive? We’re not talking about any files for that matter, we’re talking about operating systems; banking information, and complex databases. For all we know, the flash drives we bring to work, school, and other important matters can only store small files like short video clips, pictures, and documents. But there’s something lurking beneath the surface when it comes to the potential of flash drives. And on that juncture, one could not really touch the potential of what flash drives can do without a bootable USB creator software. What is a bootable USB you ask? This can help load various assets and files necessary to run an operating system and a heavily intricate database that a normal USB flash drive can’t do. One might question “Do you need to be an aficionado in tech to be able to comprehend and use a bootable USB?” The short answer would be a resounding no! With open-source programs in the world wide web, anyone can store such files and unlock the capacity of a single, one and a half-inch plastic we tend to take for granted.

There are many open-source bootable software out there, but for now, we will be focusing our attention on Etcher, the likes of many that let you create a universe in your flash drive. Etcher is a software developed by Balena— a company that develops all kinds of software to help IT enthusiasts and developers build and manage their endeavors in the field of technology. In short, their software helps developers and computer scientists code. Etcher is a bootable software that lets you utilize .iso and .img files in a storage device, such as a flash drive (i.e. a bootable software). Just like its peers, it certainly does what it is intended to do. Etcher is also a cross-platform software, which means that it can work on your Windows 10 PC, Linux, Mac and etc. To fully understand the software itself, that being its notable key features, pros, cons; recommendations, and among other things, let us exactly concentrate on said individual aspects respectively.

Etcher Features

Etcher, as previously mentioned, creates bootable software that can store operating systems to flash drives. Among others are live CD versions of Clonezilla, DRBL, GParted, and Tux2live. A requisite, however, is that the flash drive must have a FAT partition to be usable. Luckily, it is easy to format a flash drive to FAT32 with little to no effort needed. Also, Etcher auto-updates to its latest version to remove bugs, enjoy added features, and improve the user interface without any second thought put into it. And speaking of the user interface, Etcher has this basic and user-friendly interface that suits all kinds of users who wish to try the application out. Overall, it has a ton of features to be utilized by any users who wish to create a bootable USB. 

Etcher Advantages

We’ve already mentioned how easy it is to use Etcher. With its simple and slick interface, it is no question that anyone capable of using computers can use Etcher without any problem, or can learn how to use it on the fly. Not only does it have a very strong user interface, it actually verifies .iso files to avoid files getting corrupted. Etcher has the edge on security in this regard, making it driver-friendly. Etcher is also not a version exclusive to only one or two operating systems in the current market right now. It can run in Windows, Linux; and Mac. Apart from its strong and effective use on creating bootable drives, it can easily do them as well. Etcher makes drive selection docile and easy to target by simply looking for the external devices that immediately lets you connect to the drive itself. Convenience, lateral movement of work and a modern and fit interface gives Etcher every reason to be a great and profound tool for your application needs. 

Etcher Conclusion And Recommendations

Etcher is a beautiful application. It has the necessary features that will equip you for your various endeavors in creating a bootable USB to install an already existing and working operating system filled with files and databases. Its user interface is the way to go for convenience and usability but lacks severely in versatility. It can also be downloaded from different PCs using different operating systems such as Windows, Linux, and Mac. For user diversity, Etcher has a great edge over other competitors. However, Etcher does exactly what it is made for in a fault. It lacks the creativity and user accessibility that other software similar to it provides, and it may push you away from this software. But, if it’s the creation of bootable software that you need, and burning files and turning your flash drive into a hard drive is your primary goal, then Etcher is definitely for you. Just keep in mind that it is a huge file, so you may want to clean up your PC’s storage to make room for this gigantic size of an application.