Face Live Camera

Selfies have become almost all of our daily routine. Dressed up and feeling cute? Click a selfie. Not feeling the mood, quite right? Try out some filters and get the boost you need. No matter what kind of way you might be feeling, a selfie a day can indeed keep the doctor away. With the development of all social media platforms, we’ve loved sharing our photos and selfies on social media. You might do it for the likes, or for someone’s attention, or even just so you like it. These pictures deserve to be worthy of you. And this is why you need to get your hands on the best filter camera app out there, Face Live Camera.

Face Live Camera, introduced by Lyrebird Studio for all Android users for absolutely free will blow your minds with its range of amazing filters and features. Try out all its funny and cute camera effects to add more vibrance and fun to all your clicks. Why take all those boring pictures with your camera when you can make the most out of Face Live Camera?

Features of Face Live Camera

The features the app has to offer are galore. Animal stickers, cute angel wings, crowns, live camera filters to choose which suits you best then and there, multiple colour effects and many more other exciting features. You can also share your masterpieces on all your social media platforms like Snapchat, Tik Tok, WhatsApp, Instagram, and more to get all of those likes and eyes intact! You can snap your beautiful face just as it is with a little more glamour added with its filters or even shoot a video of your goofy self.

Face Camera will take care of the rest. You have absolutely no need to go through the hassle of wearing makeup for your selfies now. Because with Face Camera, you can enjoy the most beautiful version of yourself with no makeup whatsoever. the natural makeup looks on the app will make you fall in love with yourself once again.

You can also choose many artistic images and make photo collages to make your grid and feed more interesting. Photoshop a range of effects on your clicks in just a few seconds. Floral crowns to look royal, rabbit and animal filters to look cute, angel wings to bring out the angel in you, smooth and clear skin, and many more such amazing features brought to you exclusively by Face Camera app.

The face Tune feature will allow you to have the smoothest and most flawless skin you’ve always been wanting. All it takes is just a few taps on your favourite app to make your selfies extravagant once again! Try out all real-time filters so you know exactly what you need. Have no regrets, flaunt your most beautiful self out there with Face Camera!

There are many Android camera apps like this. For example, B612, YouCam Perfect, Beauty Camera, HD Camera, etc. Android Camera apps like B612 and YouCam, Candy are best for beauty shots.

Install Face Live Camera on Fire TV

Face Live Camera does not available on Amazon app store. Therefore, you have to sideload this application from internet. Here we are using FileSynced TV app store. FileSynced allows you to install any Android TV app on Fire TV for free. Use your phone or computer to create a free FileSynced store. Then upload Android apps and games that you wish to install on Fire TV. Using FileSynced TV app you can install uploaded apps on your Fire TV.