Tips To Make Your Computer Faster

There are many causes of a slow running computer. To keep it from clogging up, it needs to be cleaned and optimized routinely. But when it starts to lag, the first resort is anger and frustration that compels you to want to throw the stupid thing out the window. Luckily, there are a few ways to get your computer running smoothly again. The main cause of a slow computer is everyday wear & tear and those pesky viruses that find their way into your computer, jeopardizing the health and wellbeing of your device. So let’s look at a few tips to make your computer faster:

Keep Track Of Free Disk Space

When your hard drive space is running on empty, your computer will start to lag because it needs space for all the daily activities and data to flow through ram freely. A good rule of thumb is at least 10 to 15% free space on the disc to at least spare you the stress and frustration. And while there is a myriad of cleanup software to aid you in decluttering your pc, your computer has its useful features to help to clean and optimize itself. So by deleting browser history, clearing cache & cookies, cleaning the registry, and defragmentation, among others, will do a great job of speeding up lagging devices free of charge.

Restart Or Shut Down Computer

This might seem non-useful. But if you leaf your pc on and not shut it down or restarting it, background programs will start to use up much-needed memory, leaving little room for consequent activities. By restarting the pc and switching it back on after say 15 minutes, it is refreshed and can run smoothly and without any hiccups. Make sure you untick non-essential apps to prevent it from running at startup.

Stay Away From Pirated Software

The fastest and surefire way to cripple your pc is to install dodgy software on your machine. It not only guarantees a slow pc, but it also is an open-door policy for unwelcomed guests to slowly but surely breaking your system down to a lemon. Ensure that you only install credible and reputable software on your system that will not only give you peace of mind but a protected and well-oiled computer system.

Install An Antivirus

While this is not a guarantee to keep viruses 100% at bay, it sure is a vital component to the health & wellbeing of your pc. Do a little research before getting one for your computer. And one vitally important feature you should look for is an antivirus package that updates its real-time shields routinely. Because this feature is the first line of defense against viruses, that can steal valuable files, slow down pc, and steal your identity.

Reinstall Windows

This is the most straightforward solution to this problem. When nothing else seems to fix your problems, reinstalling Windows is the only solution. This can help get rid of a lot of bloatware that may be affecting your computer’s performance. It’s recommended that you use a software like Rufus for this task. You can download it directly from its official website and install it following its instructions. You will need to have the Windows ISO file downloaded to your computer before you add it using Rufus.


Routine maintenance is a must when it comes to your computer. If you don’t take care of it, it can’t help but to choke up and not respond to your demanding computational wants and needs. So keep any obstacles out of its way, and in return, it will provide you with a smooth and bump-free ride.